Forno's Brickoven Pizza
 Delicious Pizza


Delicious Pizza

Forno's Brickoven Pizza is a good choice when it comes to eating pizza in the Peekskill area.  

Forno Pizza
Here are some of the reviews. 

by Steve M. at Yelp - The BEST pizza north of Yonkers, period. These guys have it down. A thin but dense, crispy crust, very slightly charred, with a hint of some kind of fat or oil baked into it. The huge slice folds up nicely so that it can be eaten in the correct NYC fashion and it's served hot enough to scald your lips, but you will see some tourists who use a knife and fork to eat their slice. I think you would have to go to Brooklyn to get a comparable pie.

Their gourmet slices are all excellent, the spicy chicken being my favorite. Take out dinners are great too. Hands down, this is my favorite pizza place!


by Twood at Mojopages - Best Buffalo Chicken Slice

We love buffalo chicken slices! Awesome! Rarely do I go out of my way for one type of food but this buffalo chicken pizza is soooo good.